The Process

Simplifying Medical Construction – Design through Completion.

  • Choose Design & Site
  • Set Foundation – Concurrent Modular Factory Construction
  • Modular Facility Delivery & Installation
  • Imaging Equipment Placement
  • Operational Revenue Generating Facility!
Medical Structures, LLC

Medical Structures coordinates all aspects of the building process. We redefine what’s fair and reasonable with regards to modular construction cost, service, and support.

We provide permanent and mobile modular construction. Expect finished and functional modular units constructed in a fraction of the traditional time. Our complete modular package covers project planning, site development, design, construction, delivery, installation and warranty.

We construct building structures in our factory meanwhile preparing the site, foundations and utilities. This speeds up the construction process. The structure is then delivered for final installation and imaging equipment placement. The result is a profit-producing operational modular healthcare imaging facility of the highest standard.