Medical Structures Features

Medical Structures Complete Package

Design | Engineering | Construction | Site Prep | Delivery | Installation

Features – Specifications – Modalities

  • Permanent or Temporary
  • Attached Or Freestanding
  • Movable for Future Changes
  • Solution to Imaging Space Emergencies
  • Design Blending and Future Expansion Ready
  • Turnkey Operation – Design, Engineering, Construction and Installation
  • National, State, and Healthcare Approval Codes
  • Operational Facilities in a Fraction of the time of Traditional Construction
  • Structures Fully Operational in 90 Days or less
  • Custom Interior and Exterior Design – Customized to meet your design needs
  • High-Tech Design with Unmatched Construction Reliability
  • Spacious Scan Rooms
  • Variable Ceiling Heights
  • Customs Cabinets
  • Reception Areas
  • Administration Spaces
  • Restrooms
  • State-Of-The-Art Fire, Safety & Sprinkler Systems
  • Commercial Grade Materials, Equipment, Fixtures
  • Steel/Concrete Construction
  • Quality – Durable, Designed To Last
  • Time Savings vs. Traditional Construction
  • Superior Quality - Controlled Manufacturing Process
  • Superior Workmanship and Eye for Detail

Our products bespeak quality and longevity. At Medical Structures, we strive to build operational modular healthcare imaging facilities that bring profit to the table.