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Leaders in Medical Modular Building

Medical Structures, LLC specializes in healthcare construction and modular buildings, beating construction schedules by 3 to 9 months. Configuring your equipment efficiently and orienting your building on your site of choice are what we do best. We cover all healthcare modalities including MRI, CT, PET, Radiology, and Cardiac Catheterization Labs.

Committed to Quality

With over 25 years’ healthcare experience, we meet the medical industry’s high-tech construction needs without cutting corners. Available as steel and concrete units, our modular facility products satiate stringent quality codes warranted in every major hospital chain as well as rural county hospitals.

Saving you Time and Money

Because time equals money, we synchronize site work with unit production. All our units arrive on-site 90-99% complete. Construction time is 30-45 days in the plant so we complete the project early. Construction in enclosed environments ensures zero delays due to bad weather. On-site connections are completed within a week depending on the size and complexity of the facility.

Enabling Customization

Our facilities are permanent as well as movable structures enabling future expansions. Expect custom interiors and exteriors that blend perfectly with the existing construction. Our attention to detail coupled with skilled craftsmanship ensures products of unparalleled quality, efficiency, and durability.

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Medical Structures responds to all your healthcare construction needs quickly and expertly. Enjoy superior quality with competitive pricing.

“Dedicated To Providing Modular Facilities That Meet the Ever Changing
High-Tech Construction Needs of the Medical Industry”